Our extensive collection of over 15,000 images on LanGeek sets us apart from other language learning platforms. Let’s delve into the purpose, design principles, and impact of these word images. We are going to have a look at the purpose and the process of creating out word image collection.

Purpose of Word Images

1. Graphic Mental Association: LanGeek’s word images act as connectors between abstract language concepts and tangible representations. They help learners create strong mental links between words and visuals, aiding memory retention. For instance, when learners encounter a word like “apple,” seeing an image of the fruit reinforces their understanding and makes it easier to remember.

2. Familiarization with Concepts: In addition to aiding memory, these images help learners grasp concepts beyond just the words themselves. For example, if a learner encounters a word for an unfamiliar fruit, the accompanying image provides context, making it easier to understand and remember.

Design Considerations

1. Illustrator-Crafted Images: Each image is meticulously crafted by LanGeek’s skilled illustrators. They work closely with language experts to ensure accuracy and cultural relevance, bringing abstract words to life in vivid detail.

2. Realistic Proportions and Coloring: To enhance clarity and recognition, LanGeek’s word images are designed with realistic proportions and simple yet realistic coloring. This ensures that learners can easily identify and understand the images.

3. Ageless Style: The style of LanGeek’s word images is carefully balanced to appeal to learners of all ages. It avoids extremes, making it universally relatable and engaging for learners across different age groups.

4. Figurative Meanings: When depicting words with figurative meanings, LanGeek focuses on conveying the intended concept rather than a literal interpretation. This helps learners understand the deeper meaning behind idioms and other figurative language.

word images on langeek review pageIntegration Across Learning Levels:

LanGeek strategically integrates word images across all levels of language learning. From beginners to advanced learners, these images reinforce vocabulary, expand context, and deepen understanding at every stage of the learning process.

Accessibility and Availability:

Despite the time-consuming nature of creating word images, LanGeek ensures they are freely available to all learners. Whether during lessons within the app or in the Picture Dictionary section for easy reference, these images are accessible tools for enhancing language learning.


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  • Добрый день. Не смогла скачать приложение на ПК. Мне нужна только часть с изображениями слов. Буду благодарна за помощь. Спасибо. Ирена

    • Our Langeek app is designed exclusively for mobile devices and is compatible with Android and iOS platforms. For PC usage, we invite you to visit our website where you can access a wide range of features, including the section with word images that you’re interested in.


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