screenshot of phrasal verbs page on langeekphrasal verb in the English language is a multi-part expression comprising a verb followed by one or two particles, typically in the form of a preposition or an adverb. These particles significantly alter the meaning of the original verb, creating a new semantic unit.

The Phrasal Verbs category on the Langeek website boasts an extensive collection of over 1,600 phrasal verbs. This vast repository is meticulously organized to facilitate ease of learning and reference.

Primary Categorization: The initial level of categorization groups phrasal verbs based on their associated particles. This allows learners to identify patterns and understand the usage of similar particles across different verbs.

Secondary Categorization: Within each particle-based category, phrasal verbs are further sorted into word lists. These lists are organized according to the meanings of the phrasal verbs or the nuances imparted by their particles, providing a nuanced understanding of their applications.

Categories of Phrasal Verbs: The Langeek website’s Phrasal Verbs section is divided into nine distinct categories, each representing a set of particles:

  1. Phrasal Verbs Using ‘Up’
  2. Phrasal Verbs Using ‘Out’
  3. Phrasal Verbs Using ‘Off’ & ‘In’
  4. Phrasal Verbs Using ‘On’ & ‘Upon’
  5. Phrasal Verbs Using ‘Down’ & ‘Away’
  6. Phrasal Verbs Using ‘Around’, ‘Over’, & ‘Along’
  7. Phrasal Verbs Using ‘Back’, ‘Through’, ‘With’, ‘At’, & ‘By’
  8. Phrasal Verbs Using ‘Into’, ‘To’, ‘About’, & ‘For’
  9. Phrasal Verbs Using ‘Together’, ‘Against’, ‘Apart’, & Others

Each category is designed to provide learners with a structured approach to mastering phrasal verbs, enhancing both comprehension and usage in various contexts.