langeek most common words page screenshotThe “Most Common Words” section on Langeek is a valuable resource for language learners. It categorizes English words based on their frequency of use in the English language. However, what sets Langeek apart is its meticulous approach to creating word lists. Let’s delve into the details:

Accurate Word Counting Methodology:
  • Many online lists indiscriminately lump together words of all types, resulting in an unhelpful mishmash. For instance, words with multiple parts of speech (e.g., “like” or “so”) are often incorrectly ranked at the top of such lists. This can mislead learners, as it fails to specify which form of the word is more common.
  • Langeek takes a more precise approach. Each list contains words from a single part of speech, ensuring that words with multiple POS (parts of speech) find their place in multiple lists based on the relative frequency of each POS. This accuracy benefits learners by providing context and clarity.
Separate Counting for Larger Language Structures:
  • Langeek goes beyond individual words. It recognizes that certain language structures, such as phrasal verbs, deserve separate consideration. Consequently, phrasal verbs are counted independently, avoiding inflation of verb and preposition counts.
  • For example, the phrasal verb “to put on” appears on a separate list. It is not counted as both “put” and “on” individually, allowing learners to focus on the complete expression.
Categories Available in the “Most Common” Section:

500 Most Common English Verbs:

  • This list features the most frequently used verbs in English. Whether you’re learning to express actions, states, or conditions, these verbs form the backbone of communication.

250 Most Common English Phrasal Verbs:

  • Phrasal verbs—combinations of verbs and particles (prepositions or adverbs)—add nuance and versatility to language. Langeek’s dedicated list ensures learners grasp their usage effectively.

500 Most Common English Adjectives:

  • Adjectives color our descriptions and help us convey emotions, opinions, and characteristics. This list covers the essential adjectives you’ll encounter in everyday conversations.

500 Most Common English Adverbs:

  • Adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. From expressing manner to indicating frequency, these words enhance precision in communication.

500 Most Common English Nouns:

  • Nouns represent people, places, things, and ideas. This comprehensive list includes nouns that form the building blocks of sentences.

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