The flashcards are the second step of the Langeek four-step vocabulary learning system. The flashcard system helps you remember words by testing your memory repeatedly.

The flashcards only show the word’s meaning, which is the main thing you need to learn a new word. The flashcard works like this: You see the word on one side of the card and try to recall the meaning. Then you flip the card to check the meaning and tell the platform if you remembered it or not. If you did not remember the meaning, the card goes to the back of the line to be asked again. This simple method helps you transfer the word from your short-term memory to your long-term memory.

The platform also counts how many times you forget a word. Words that you forget often are more likely to be forgotten again, so you should add them to a longer-term learning method like a Leitner system or a custom wordlist for more practice.

LanGeek flashcards page screenshot

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