The LanGeek Expression Page delves into language structures beyond individual words, providing integrated meanings. Explore these four main categories:

  1. Idioms:
    • Definition: Phrases with figurative meanings.
    • Usage: Idioms add color and depth to language.
    • Examples: “Break a leg,” “Piece of cake.”
  2. Proverbs:
    • Definition: Figurative sentences from old sources or quotes.
    • Connotation: Proverbs offer advice and wisdom.
    • Examples: “Actions speak louder than words,” “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”
  3. Collocations:
    • Definition: Multi-word structures with integrated meanings.
    • Usage: Collocations enhance fluency and naturalness.
    • Examples: “Make a decision,” “take a nap.”
  4. Phrasal Verbs:
    • Definition: Verbs formed from multiple words (often informal).
    • Function: Phrasal verbs express actions and nuances.
    • Examples: “Take off,” “Look up.”

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