Effective Date: May 27, 2022


LanGeek is committed to promoting language learning while respecting intellectual property rights. These guidelines outline how users can use the content available on our platform without violating copyright laws. By following these guidelines, users contribute to a positive learning environment for all.

Content Ownership

  1. Original Content:
    • All language learning materials, lessons, quizzes, and exercises provided within LanGeek are owned and created by LanGeek.
    • Users may access and use this content solely for personal learning purposes.
  2. Prohibited Activities:
    • Users may not reproduce, distribute, modify, or publicly display any content from LanGeek without explicit permission.
    • Unauthorized sharing, copying, or commercial use of our content is strictly prohibited.

Fair Use and Personal Learning

  1. Personal Use:
    • Users are encouraged to engage with LanGeek content for personal learning.
    • This includes practicing vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and other language skills.
  2. Educational and Non-Commercial Use:
    • Users may use LanGeek content for educational purposes within classrooms, study groups, or language courses.
    • Non-commercial use, such as sharing content with fellow learners, is acceptable.

Attribution and References

  1. Citing LanGeek:
    • When referencing or sharing content from LanGeek, users should provide proper attribution.
    • Mentioning LanGeek as the source ensures transparency and respect for our work.
  2. Avoid Plagiarism:
    • Users should not present LanGeek content as their own work.
    • Properly cite any direct quotes, examples, or exercises used in external materials.

User-Generated Content

  1. User Contributions:
    • Users retain intellectual property rights for content they create within LanGeek.
    • By contributing, users grant LanGeek a non-exclusive license to use, display, and distribute their content within the app.
  2. Respecting Others’ Work:
    • Users should not upload or share copyrighted material that they do not have the right to distribute.
    • Respect the intellectual property of others and avoid infringement.

Reporting Copyright Violations

  1. Reporting Infringements:
    • If users believe their copyrighted work has been used improperly on LanGeek, they can report it to us via email at info@langeek.co.
    • Include details about the specific content and the alleged infringement.


By adhering to these guidelines, users contribute to a positive learning community and help protect intellectual property rights. Thank you for being part of the LanGeek language learning experience!