LanGeek Proverbs page screenshotLanGeek hosts the largest online collection of categorized proverbs, totaling over 1,400 English proverbs. Within this extensive library, you’ll find a wealth of timeless wisdom and practical guidance. Here’s what makes it special:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage:
    • Our collection includes all the essential English proverbs, excluding idioms and collocations.
    • Each proverb is thoughtfully categorized for easy exploration.
  2. Rich Details:
    • Dive deeper into each proverb with additional information:
      • Example sentences
      • Descriptions that reveal historical context and usage nuances

Explore the 14 Categories:

  1. Notions & Feelings
  2. Knowledge & Wisdom
  3. Situations & States
  4. Qualities
  5. Outcome & Impact
  6. Perseverance
  7. Wealth & Success
  8. Society, Law, & Politics
  9. Behavior, Attitude, & Approach
  10. Social Interaction
  11. Human Relationships
  12. Human Traits & Qualities
  13. Virtue & Vice
  14. Daily Life

What do we consider a proverb?

Proverbs are concise expressions conveying universal truths or advice through vivid imagery and metaphorical language. Unlike idioms, which have figurative meanings diverging from literal interpretations, proverbs offer straightforward wisdom.

Idioms, on the other hand, are expressions whose meanings can’t be inferred from individual words. They often require cultural context for full understanding.

Collocations are word combinations that naturally occur together, enhancing fluency without carrying deeper meanings like proverbs.