LanGeek is dedicated to making English language learning accessible to a global audience. To support this mission, LanGeek offers extensive translation support across various sections of the platform, ensuring that learners who speak different native languages can effectively use the platform to learn English. Here’s an overview of what is translated and the languages covered:

Fully Translated Sections

  • Vocabulary and Expressions Sections: These sections are entirely translated, covering all category pages, messages, and on-screen text. This thorough translation helps users navigate the platform with ease, ensuring they can understand and interact with the content in their native language.
  • Wordlist Names: To support educational goals, the names of wordlists are displayed in English. This approach helps learners become familiar with English terminology, aiding in their overall language learning process.

Parts Not Translated

  • Grammar and Pronunciation Lessons: Currently, the grammar and pronunciation lessons are not translated. However, there are plans to add translations for at least the elementary-level lessons in these sections. This future enhancement will make the platform even more accessible and comprehensive for learners worldwide.

Languages Covered

LanGeek currently offers translation support for a diverse range of languages. This extensive coverage allows learners from different linguistic backgrounds to benefit from the platform’s resources. LanGeek covers translations for 26 languages, including:

languages covered on langeek

Not Finding Your Language?

LanGeek is constantly expanding its language support! If your native language isnโ€™t currently listed, donโ€™t hesitate to reach out to us. We value your feedback and strive to make LanGeek accessible to learners worldwide.

LanGeek’s commitment to providing comprehensive translation support ensures that learners from various linguistic backgrounds can effectively use the platform, enhancing their English language acquisition journey.