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LanGeek operates on a freemium model, allowing users to access a range of features and tools for free while learning via the platform. However, certain advanced features are exclusively available to premium users. The tables below outline the specifics of what’s included in the free plan and how it compares to the premium plan.

Platforms available Free Plan Premium Plan
Web Available ✅ Available ✅
Android Available ✅ Available ✅
iOS Available ✅ Available ✅
Picture Dictionary Full Access ✅ Full Access ✅


Active Features

Active features consist of a set of tools specifically crafted to assist users throughout their learning journey. These features facilitate the acquisition of new concepts, provide opportunities for practice, and allow users to evaluate their progress within a seamlessly integrated system.

Active Features Free Plan Premium Plan
Word Review Full Access ✅ Full Access ✅
Flashcard Limited Acess ❌(1) Full Access ✅
Exercises Limited Acess ❌(1) Full Access ✅
Word Quiz Limited Acess ❌(1) Full Access ✅
Custom wordlists Limited Acess ❌(2) Full Access ✅
Daily Learn Limited Acess ❌(3) Full Access ✅

(1) – Free Plan:

  • Provides limited access to advanced vocabulary learning features, including flashcards, exercises, and word quizzes.
  • This limited access allows usage for the first two lessons of each vocabulary category.

(2) – In the Free Plan:

  • Users have access to one custom wordlist (titled “difficult words”).
  • They can freely add and remove words to this wordlist.
  • However, they cannot create new wordlists or add folders to existing ones.

(3) – In the Free Plan:

  • Users can freely add and remove words from their daily learning system.
  • They have full access to all related features.
  • However, the number of words they can review is limited to 10 words.

Content Features

Content features consist of specific content sets designed to address particular aspects of learning. These tools function as an integrated whole, ensuring that users grasp concepts beyond individual words and achieve a comprehensive understanding of how they work in real world.

Passive Features
Definitions & Translations Full Access ✅ Full Access ✅
Word Images Full Access ✅ Full Access ✅
Word Examples Full Access ✅ Full Access ✅
Word Description Full Access ✅ Full Access ✅
Morphological Trees Full Access ✅ Full Access ✅
Grammar Library Full Access ✅ Full Access ✅

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