Is LanGeek free?

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LanGeek is not entirely free, but it does offer a free version with some limitations. Here’s a breakdown of what I found:

    • Free Version:  In the free version of LanGeek, you have access to a wealth of resources. You can explore and learn from all the vocabulary categories and lessons and also use grammar and pronunciation lessons without any cost. Additionally, the LanGeek picture dictionary is available to you completely free of charge. However, there are some limitations on certain advanced features, such as the Leitner system and custom wordlists. While you can still use these features, they are not fully accessible. We believe that learning should not be hindered by financial constraints, so we’ve designed LanGeek in a way that allows you to learn effectively even if you’re using the free version.
    • Premium Features: To unlock the full potential of LanGeek, you’ll likely need a paid subscription. This could grant access to a wider range of vocabulary sets, advanced learning features, grammar lessons, and other benefits.

Platform Availability:

  • LanGeek is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms. You can find it on the respective app stores. Additionally, the free features are also accessible via the web version of LanGeek. Whether you’re on your mobile device or using a web browser, you can make the most of the language-learning resources.