The Leitner system is a method of learning new words by using flashcards and spaced repetition. It helps you remember words better by showing them to you at different intervals, depending on how well you know them.

In LanGeek, the Leitner system has 8 boxes in total. There is a waiting box before all the other boxes, where the words that have not entered the Leitner cycle yet are stored. The 1st to 6th boxes are for practice, with each box having a different repetition cycle. The 1st box is repeated every day, the 2nd box every 2 days, the 3rd box every 4 days, and so on. The last box is for all the words that you have learned with the Leitner system, and they stay there forever.

The flashcards in the Leitner system show you the word and its meaning, and you have to self-report your progress with the word. You have three options: you remembered the word correctly, you remembered the word incorrectly, or you were unsure of the answer. If you remembered the word correctly, it will be moved to the next box. If you did not remember the word, it will be moved to the 1st box. If you were unsure, it will stay in the same box.

You can also choose how many words you want to see each day, with the default amount being 10 words a day. You can change this number in the premium plan.

Leitner bow overview page Screenshot

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