The word review section is the first step of the LanGeek four-step vocabulary learning system. In this step, you learn all the essential information about a word. You focus on these five aspects of vocabulary learning:

  1. The general meaning of the word: You understand the meaning of the word by reading the definition, looking at the image, or reading the word translation.
  2. The word pronunciation: You learn how to say the word by listening to the pronunciation or reading the IPA phonetics of the word.
  3. The word spelling: You learn how to write the word by matching the pronunciation with the spelling and memorizing any irregularities.
  4. The word usage in context: You learn how to use the word in sentences by reading examples and noticing the word collocations and grammar patterns.
  5. The other grammatical features of the word: You learn any other important information about the word, such as whether it is an irregular verb, an uncountable noun, or an ungradable adjective.

LanGeek word review page screen shot

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