LanGeek’s multi-level grammar system offers users various versions of the same grammatical topics tailored to different proficiency levels. With three levels—elementary, intermediate, and advanced—each level is designed with a unique focus in mind to cater to the learning needs of individuals at different stages of their language journey.

Elementary Level

At the Elementary Level, learners are introduced to basic grammatical concepts. The focus here is on providing clear explanations of these concepts along with a list of related vocabulary words for learners to familiarize themselves with. For instance, when learning English subject pronouns, learners encounter a table displaying pronouns and simple examples demonstrating their usage in common scenarios.

Intermediate Level

Moving on to the Intermediate Level, learners delve deeper into the grammatical topic. This level explores more advanced details, including exceptions that challenge the general rules of the topic. Learners gain a deeper understanding by encountering and grappling with these nuances, which prepares them for more complex linguistic challenges.

Advanced Level

The Advanced Level offers an in-depth exploration of the grammatical topic, aiming to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding. Here, learners are presented with a wealth of examples spanning various contexts, enriching their understanding of the topic and enhancing their mastery of the language. This level aims to equip learners with the necessary tools to navigate linguistic intricacies with confidence and precision.

It is important to note that not all topics have elementary or intermediate-level grammar lessons. Some topics inherently require a higher level of understanding and may only offer intermediate and advanced lessons or solely advanced ones. This acknowledgment ensures that learners are appropriately challenged and provided with the necessary resources to advance their language skills effectively.

LanGeek Multilevel grammar screenshot

Benefits of LanGeek’s Multi-Level Grammar System

Gradual Progression

One of the key benefits of LanGeek’s Multi-Level Grammar System is its emphasis on gradual progression. The multi-level approach ensures that learners advance step by step from elementary to advanced levels. By establishing a solid foundation at the elementary level, learners can gradually build their skills and confidently tackle more complex grammar concepts later on. It’s akin to climbing a staircase—one step at a time, steadily moving towards proficiency.

Customized Learning

Recognizing that different learners have varying needs and abilities, LanGeek’s system offers a customized learning experience. Users have the flexibility to choose their starting point based on their existing knowledge and proficiency level. This personalized approach empowers learners to tailor their learning journey to suit their individual requirements, fostering a more effective and engaging learning experience.

Targeted Focus

Each level within LanGeek’s Multi-Level Grammar System is characterized by a specific focus, catering to learners’ evolving needs and objectives:

  • Elementary: Introduction to basic concepts essential for establishing a strong linguistic foundation.
  • Intermediate: In-depth exploration of advanced topics, including exceptions and nuances, to deepen understanding.
  • Advanced: Comprehensive examination of complex grammatical concepts with abundant examples, enabling mastery of the language at an advanced level.