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Here you can find the statistics of the Langeek platform, both in terms of its content and users

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Grammar Lessons

LanGeek offers over 300 English grammar lessons across three levels: elementary, intermediate, and advanced. Each lesson serves as a comprehensive guide on a specific grammatical topic.

Grammar Categories

our grammar lessons are carefully organized into 16 distinct categories, covering topics such as nouns, verbs, moods, tenses, and more. 

FAQ Lessons

you’ll find over 1000 concise articles presented as Grammar FAQs, specifically designed to address the smaller questions learners may have.

Words to Learn

At LanGeek, learners can explore an extensive vocabulary library with over 50,000 words. Each word entry includes essential learning information such as examplesgrammatical detailscontext of use, and a concise concept description.

Vocabulary Categories

LanGeek offers over 150 distinct word categories. These categories organize words based on various aspects, including their level of difficultycommon usagetopic relevance, and words needed for specific contexts such as English test preparation.

Vocabulary Lessons

Within each vocabulary category, you’ll find a collection of wordlists. These wordlists are carefully categorized and provide learners with access to useful clusters of words. Each wordlist comes with additional details, making it easier for learners to expand their vocabulary.

Word Images

LanGeek takes pride in hosting the largest online vocabulary image library, which includes over 15,000 word images. These images play a pivotal role in enhancing the learning efficiency of language learners.

Real-World Examples

We provide a substantial library of real-world examples. These examples demonstrate how words are used in authentic contexts, allowing learners to grasp their meaning and usage firsthand. Explore the context and see the words come alive!

Idioms and Proverbs

Certainly! LanGeek provides an extensive online library of categorized English expressions, including over 6,000 idioms and proverbs. These expressions empower learners to gain a deeper understanding beyond the figurative meanings of phrases.

User Stats

LanGeek is witnessing rapid user base expansion, with double-digit growth each month. Explore the most important user-related statistics below.

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