How can I share a custom wordlist on LanGeek?

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Sharing your personally created wordlists with others is an exclusive feature available for premium users of Langeek. Follow these simple steps to share your wordlist:

  1. Navigate to the My Wordlists section on the Langeek website.
  2. In the “Created by me” tab, select the wordlist you wish to share and access its page.
  3. On the wordlist’s page, locate the share icon adjacent to the “study” button and click it.sharing a wordlist on langeek
  4. In the pop-up window, enable the “Public” toggle. Upon activation, a unique URL will be generated below.sharing a wordlist on langeek 02
  5. Share the generated URL with anyone you’d like to have access to your wordlist. They can view and add the wordlist to their account via this link.
  6. Once added, they can find and manage the wordlist in their “My Wordlists” section, under “Bookmarked Wordlists.”

note: After you share a wordlist with someone you will be able to see the followers of your wordlist in the wordlist page.

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