How to increase the number of daily words on LanGeek?

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To see more words each day in LanGeek’s “Daily Words,” just follow these steps. But remember, if you’re using LanGeek for free, you can only get 25 words a day and can’t add more. This tip is just for people who have the paid version. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Open LanGeek and sign in to your premium account.
  2. Navigate to the Daily Words Overview page. This is where you can see your progress and manage your daily words.
  3. Look for the section labeled “Words Per Day.” You’ll see a number there – that’s how many words you’re set to learn each day.
  4. Click on that number, and a list of options will appear. These options let you choose how many words you want to see each day. Think about how much time you have to study and how quickly you want to learn.
  5. Select the number that fits your learning pace. If you’re just starting, you might want to keep the number low. But if you’re feeling confident, go ahead and challenge yourself with more words!
changing the number of words on langeek leitner
Words Per Day option


Note: Keep in mind, the number you pick is just the most words LanGeek will show you each day. If there aren’t that many words ready in your Leitner system, it’ll just show you what’s there.